Nutritional Solutions for a Pharmaceutical World was developed to meet the needs of all whole food nutrition practitioners and their patients. All practitioners who have every patient fill out the Systems Survey form see improved compliance and results. It can also work seamlessly in with other used diagnostic tools (i.e. saliva tests, hair mineral analysis, nutritional exam, blood serum labwork, muscle testing, pulse, tongue, iridology, reflexology, etc.) A thoroughly filled out Systems Survey enables any holistic Health Care Practitioner (HCP) to truly become “holistic” in the fullest sense.

The Presentation
The seminar is presented with a powerful use of 240+ PowerPoint slides, real case studies, and a high amount of audience participation. The seminar is taught at a pace that is methodical, digestible and entertaining. HCPs are empowered to connect the dots between symptoms and specific foods. This is simply done by a 3 step process:

  • Patient indicates which symptoms (from Systems Survey form) are present.
  • HCP identifies which organ(s) are undernourished.
  • HCP understands which whole foods must be fed for organ regeneration, repair and function restoration.

Throughout the seminar, Gerald refers to the key tools every practitioner must learn and know how to use to fully appreciate the depth and effectiveness of whole food nutrition.

A New Solution to a developing challenge
This seminar sheds new light on applying the Systems Survey form in the modern world, driven by pharmaceutical-therapy. Patients walking through the practitioner door today are not the same as years past. Most are on multiple prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical medications that wreak havoc on their body chemistry and may directly be responsible for their symptoms and physical ailments. This seminar teaches HCPs how to identify and distinguish symptoms attributed to pharmaceutical medications and even recognize drug-induced diseases. Additionally, HCPs will learn how to communicate with medical doctors and establish a synergistic relationship to provide patients a method to titrate off a medication safely in order to avoid withdrawal syndrome. Practitioners will learn the pivotal role the Systems Survey form plays in helping them communicate with their patients and create a workable path to wellness, especially when pharmaceutical medications are not helping a patient’s condition.
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