Practitioner Consult

Please be sure to read the following guidelines in its entirety prior to scheduling a consultation.

Professional Consultations – $3.00 per minute (15 minute minimum).
Patient Consultations – Please contact your health care provider directly.
MasterCard and Visa are accepted for payment

STEP ONE: Schedule a Phone Consultation
Please email us at patricia {at} thehealingbody {dot} com to book your consultation and provide the following information:

Professional Information - Include your name, company name, address, contact phone numbers, fax number, and email address.
Consultation Phone Number - Specify the number you would like our office to call for your consultation.
Available dates and times - Consultations are scheduled in 15 minute intervals. However, if this is your first time consulting, a 30 minute minimum appointment is preferred. When consulting on more than one patient, please allow for 15 minutes per patient.

STEP TWO: Paperwork & Preparation
Once we receive your request for a Phone Consultation, we will instruct you to Fax your consultation paperwork. All current test results and related paperwork must be received by at least two business days prior to your scheduled appointment. If you fail to submit your consultation paperwork two days prior to your appointment, we may elect to reschedule your appointment for not having ample time to review your case.

For each patient discussed, you will need to supply the following:
Tracking Sheet (completed by practitioner)*
Health History Form (completed by patient)*
Systems Survey (completed by patient)*
Saliva Tests – Fax all pages of the current Diagnos-Techs test result(s)
Hair Mineral Analysis – Fax only the levels/ratio graph page
Blood Serum Labwork – Fax labwork (for up to 4 years prior).

*These forms can also be sent via email if requested.

On the day of your consultation, the consulting nutritionist will call you at your scheduled time, at the phone number provided.
We recommend that you obtain permission from your patient(s) prior to discussing their history with us during your consultation.
Your patient may sit in on the phone consultation; however, please make our staff aware prior to the appointment.
You may include any pertinent blood work or other test results provided they are current.

We request that all cancellations be made at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. A 15-minute consultation fee of $45 will be charged for last minute cancellations.