MUST CREATE! Study Ultramind’s workbook!!

You’ve read The Pharmaceutical Myth and now here is your bonus!

The Healing Body Companion Guide contains additional resources and tools you need to succeed, including: Clear, complete instructions in the plan are necessary for supporting your healing body.

Recipes- A delicious collection of nourishing recipes that will allow you to follow the exact healthy eating plan outlined in this book.
Shopping Lists- A handy list of everything you need to shop for based on the recipes provided, including the foods you should enjoy and the foods you should stay away from.
Helpful Trackers- A handy set of charts so you can track how much your mind, body, and spirit improve as you progress through this program. It’s important for you not only to feel better but to see how much progress you’ve made.
Handy Checklists- A series of checklists that will allow you to easily keep track of all the steps you should take during the preparation phase, the actual six-week program itself, what to do afterward, shopping lists, and more, so you can track the progress that you’ve made.
Testing Guide- For those of you who seek medical care, this important section will outline a series of advanced tests that your doctor can order to help better pinpoint the underlying cause of your health problems.
Supplement Guide- One of the most useful tools in here, this will help you organize what supplements you are supposed to take and when to take them to minimize any confusion.

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