About the Book


In his revolutionary work The Pharmaceutical Myth, Gerald Roliz, CNC explains how he fell into the glamorous job of a pharmaceutical sales representative after graduating from the world’s most prestigious public university. After 5 years as an industry salesperson, he realized his products were not helping people heal. In his book, he reveals all the risks and dangers of long-term pharmaceutical use, why we find few answers for our health problems when we visit the doctor’s office, and ...

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Whole Food Nutrition


Did you know that each year, new nutrients are being discovered in our food? Our bodies require many unknown nutrients. These are the missing pieces to the puzzle of health. So where can we obtain proper amounts of these nutrients that have not yet been discovered? From whole nutrient dense foods and in some cases, whole food concentrates. That's why optimal health is easy to achieve when the focus is on which foods to eat. Check out how many Read More>>

Find a holistic healer


"Holistic health" describes therapies that support the innate healing abilities of a whole person. Practitioners look at an individual's overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being in order to recommend effective nutritional protocols. They treat the symptoms of illness by addressing the underlying cause. They also focus on preventing illness and emphasize optimizing health by supporting the natural regeneration process of the healing body. All the body organs and systems are genetically programmed to work well - for your entire life. ...

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Nutritional Assessment


Learn which of your organs are undernourished and which are strong. Cut through the confusion and hype, avoid unnecessary drugs and resolve your symptoms naturally.

  • Have you been diagnosed with a disease, but never been informed which foods will strengthen your organs?
  • Are you wondering whether you should take the drug your doctor prescribed?
  • Are you wondering what nutritional support is your doctor overlooking?
  • Are you looking for ways to prevent disease naturally, without drugs?
Assess Your Health Chasing and ...

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